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task note format

It's really needed to manage task note format on the app. Each time I edit the notes I lose the formatting from my outlook desktop.

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  • Andrew Brown commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes! Really agree. This is the BIGGEST problem, I am sure, that ALL Outlook users will face using 2Day. 2Day is the ONLY alternative to Outlook's Tasks BUT there are three possible features of Outlook that 2Day might/should consider adopting: anchors, general formatting and storing files inline.

    Anchors, as in <a href="www.xxx.xx.xx">Some Text</a>, not http://www.xxx.xx.xx, are REALLY useful. Supporting anchors, in the same way as Microsoft's Ctl-K option, help the text to flow, to be far more readable but at the same time, allow for hyperlinks. Hyperlinks allow the contents of tasks to remain small but at the same time refer to other documentation that help in understanding and undertaking the task better. On the matter of hyperlinks, I think because the nature of pages that such hyperlinks refer to are often extrememly rich, it is ALWAYS better to display the page in a browser rather than sometimes inline.

    General formatting would be good and on reflection I think it should include M$'s entire HTML style language OR a very capable alterntive. I do not like M$'s HTML style language as it is non-standard. If you can find another way of supporting RTF or alternatively powerful HTML then go for it!

    Inserting binary objects inside Tasks. I have often used this but I think it is very lazy. 2Day could quite happily support this by offering links to the objects in question.

    I WANT TO GET OFF OUTLOOK! 2Day is one way I am doing this. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to use Google and I would use 2Day's syncing service like a shot IF the above three features were supported.

    I look forward to great things.

    Many thanks for a great app.



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