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Location aware tasks (context(s) mapped to location(s))

As I have seen that the context feature is under review (and I applaud to that), very useful thing that is connected to the contexts idea is location awareness.

It would be great to have location aware contexts.
I arrive at location (i.e. work, home), and I assign the current location (aGPS) to a context (work = @work).
Now, every time I arrive at that location, open 2Day, go to "What can I do here" view (just example name), I can see that 2Day detected my current context to be @work, based on the location->contexts mapping, and applies the filter, showing me only tasks I am capable to do at work.

But, much more useful would be:

- background agent that would poll the location and pop up alert that I have tasks to be done at current location when it detects the mapping
- augmenting existing task "occurrence/reminder" functionality with additional parameter "bind to current location". The task reminder would popup only when I am at the location (I am not sure if this is even doable).

Please consider those, there are some location aware apps already (namely Fixer), but having this directly in 2Day would be a killer feature!


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  • Jean-Baptiste Labelle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I post similar idea taking into advantage of Lumia devices with SensorCore sensors like Lumia 1529, 930 (mine), 630-635 and new ones to come (730,830). Its allows Geofencing and is really vert effective. It works ! Geo Buzz supports it si i tried and it works 100%. There is an API Nokia That seems to make it possible (easy) to support notification based on the location you provide and taking davantage of this new capability. As i wrote in my other idea, it would be a breakthrough because on those devices, it really works whereas all applications using location alarm before have never worked reliably.


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